Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The NEVER ending story

This story is dedicated to one of most influential person in my life....... You know who you are..... :)

Part 1

It was one of the most beautiful scenery that man could ever imagine, soft sunlight piercing through the evening clouds, a dark orange hue with a twinge of blue overlapping it, like orange marmalade having an icing of blue berry sauce, looked like god had thrown 2 colors together to see what happens, and the result was the sky, looking as the most beautiful painting ever.

Sitting atop that hill, there they were in each other’s arms, with a hint of a warm cold breeze brushing against the girls cheek, it made her face look like ripe peach. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, it looked like a dream, a dream from which he never wanted to get up, turning towards her he looked into her unfathomable eyes, so deep, they were dark yellow, YELLOW?? His mind said, does she have jaundice dude?

“Shut up” he called out aloud, and cursed for doing so

“What???” the girl asked alarmed “What did I do now?”

“No. it’s not you, it’s me” he replied

You are always like this, what happens to you sometimes” she said angrily getting up

It was happening again, they would fight, and she would go. He dint want that, not now, not ever. Pulling her towards him, he kissed those soft rose like lips of hers, but he dint feel the familiar softness, she was pushing him away, “No you won’t” he said and kissed her again harder this time, and suddenly the ground shook, it was violent, like a earthquake, he was being pulled away from her, and he couldn’t bear the pain, the pain of being away from her, the earth opened up, and he was falling, falling towards his doom. “Noooooooooo” he screamed and fell. AND HIT HIS HEAD.

“Awww” he cried out in pain, and started rubbing his head, getting up from the floor, he saw around and saw the face, the face which he dint wanna see at all. THE FACE OF HIS WIFE.

“Dreaming again?” asked Mehek. HIS WIFE.

He let out a grunt and walked towards the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, he started cursing her, oh why, why did she have to wake him up, it was so beautiful, the scenery, the girl, everything.

He didn’t remember the face of his ‘dream’ girl, but she was so beautiful, her eyes, dark yellow…., her cheeks like a ripe peach, golden… her hair, a light yellow again, maybe it was the sun, he thought, but she was beautiful, not like his wife, who was a inch taller than him, bah… he hated that. Blue eyes…., she definitely wears contacts, I so hate contacts he told himself, dimpled cheeks…., was there even a scientific explanation for that?, long hair, ah… long hair, maybe only that’s the saving grace, he thought and finished his morning ritual.

Finishing his bath in 10 minutes he came out, and eyed Mehek, she was making his morning breakfast, “Allu Parota again Mr Arpit Rastogi” his mind said, arpit hated oily breakfasts, and from couple of days, she was just making allu parotas, they were good, but too much of a good thing can be bad, you know. He came towards the dining table and started pushing down that dreaded meal down his throat, munching again he thought, How did I come into this place, “Arrange marriage!!, Mummy, Yeah kya hogaya??” He said and looked heavenwards.

It was his mom’s last wish, just a year back when she was on her death bed, she had said “No, love marriage sun(It always sounded like that), these Bangalore girls oh, I don’t want them in your life, marry a girl from Kerala, they are homely, sweet, intelligent and very beautiful, with long hair” Long hair…….. his whole family has a fascination with long hair, “So promise me, you will only have an arranged marriage” she had asked, and emotions had ruined him. He had always hated arranged marriages, he dint know why, but he had, at last he had promised and the second after that his aunt was on his back showing him photographs of the girls, the ones she had at that moment, only three things mattered for the girl.

One. She had to be from Kerala

Two. She should have blue eyes. That was another fascination associated with Aishwarya Rai, girls having blue eyes were homely, was the general impression in the family.

Three. She should have long hair.

And the next day her aunt had got like a hundred photos with her, she had shoved the photos in his hands, and told him to select one in five minutes. Mom dying on one side, his whole life’s decision on the other side, he couldn’t think straight, so he had said no, but she wouldn’t listen, so he had put down his own condition for the girl.

Including the above three conditions, the girl should have completed her +2 in science, and then studied BBM, and should have a masters in Psychology, hearing this her aunt was wonder struck, he knew it was impossible, and also it will stall the marriage for some time or forever perhaps, likewise, he had escaped from the situation.

His mom died 3 days later and he couldn’t bear that pain, his dad Shanker had left them when he was five, he was a bank clerk, and because some stock broker while drunk, had blurted out to him there would be a huge boom in share market that year, Shanker had thought of selling some land he had in Mumbai, to invest in shares, and was never heard since.

The day his mom died he had cried, being 27 years old with no parents he had cried so much that his eyes had swollen up, all that week he dint do anything, dint go anywhere, dint bath, and when he came out of his apartment, Mrs Sharma, their neighbor had shrieked out in horror and fainted, Deciding he couldn’t live like this , he had cut his hair first, and then drenched himself in work, day and night he worked, just worked, nothing else, this had continued till just a month back, when it was the death anniversary of his mom, her aunt had come too, she looked at him and later while they were talking, she had mentioned him about the promise he had made to his mom. He had looked into his aunts face and then remembered his mom’s face and had said yes, and the wonder of wonders was, his aunt had found a girl just last week, who had fulfilled all the conditions, which he and his mom had put down, Arpit dint care, 2 weeks later they were married upon his insistence that they must have a very simple marriage.

It really was a very simple marriage, with an attendance of just 50 people exactly. When he came too think of it, his office party would have had more people, and this was a marriage. He saw around and saw a girl giving him the look, well well his mind said, shaking his head, he started concentrating on the ceremony, and at the right time he tied the knot, while doing so, he had taken a look at Mehek, and saw she was angry, he had wondered why, it was only later that evening that he had gotten to know that she wanted a HUGE wedding.

That night, oh that night, he would never forget that night……. NEVER.

to be continued..................


ANWESA said...

lol...next part please...

Arpit Rastogi said...

very interesting story..

but you didn't mention it before that i ll be a sad married guy... achi li hai beta tune!!! :P
Sapne me pappi dila ke khush kar diya or baad mei KLPD.. :D

n y thr is this DINT BATH wala point in bold letters???

but Mehek name is sexy bey!!! :)) I ll manage..

make it a happy ending story or i ll cut you in pieces.. :P

Waiting for more Asshole. :))

P.S. Oh God!! I feel like a fucked up celebrity.. Thanks Man. :P

Thousif Raza said...

@ anwesa: next part poosted ma'am :)

@ Arpit: saale ther ja ther ja... here comes the band bajane wala part ;)

Remya said...

OOh...na--ce suspense in the beginning ;-)
And Arpit's family seems sorta retarded :P
And you're pretty good at the writing part ;)
And now I'm going to jummmp to the next one

Thousif Raza said...

@ remya: thank you thank you... ans some more thank you :)

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