Sunday, April 11, 2010

The NEVER ending story part-2

Part 2

THEIR FIRST NIGHT. It was one in the morning, his friends had made him stay back, against his will of course, at last when he had begged them to leave him, taking pity, they had released him, finally he was standing in front of the bedroom, cursing them he entered. There she was sitting on the bed wearing a blood red Saree, waiting for him. ONLY HIM. He had always imagined this night, the night of his marriage, THEIR FIRST NIGHT. As he approached her, he felt a light tingling in his back, he dint knew what it was, but it was something all right.

Emotions all at the right places, feelings felt for the first time, maybe arrange marriage is not so bad, he thought. He came and sat on the bed and lifted her veil (Or was it called pallu?? Whatever) he saw her face, or tried seeing her face, as the only light available in the room, was coming out of the small yellow colored zero volt bulb, he couldn’t make out much. He got up to switch on another bulb which would make the visibility better, but suddenly she pulled his arm and made him fall onto the bed.

It is happening. yess. Yessss. His Mind screamed, and that too for the first time in your lousy life.. yesss..Mr Arpit Rastogi get ready for the longest night of the life It screamed again.

Oh it was going to be a long night all right.

He looked at her again, and she came near his ear and whispered

“Before you switch on that light, I have to tell you something very important”

“I better on that light then” he replied

“I rather say this in the dark” she replied

HE HE… his mind giggled

“What is it?” he asked impatiently

What he heard next, he would never forget those words in his life……… NEVER.

She began “I had my periods just a while back i.e. just 2 hours back” the bullets hit him “and…. and because of that we can’t do it tonight..”

He tried to say something, she stopped him and said “And it’s not just that, we cannot do It for the next 3 weeks at least, because I experience nausea for almost 3 weeks during my periods, it’s just a psychological thing, I am sorry” she blurted out hysterically.

He dint knew what to say, he thought maybe she is just saying it because she dint have that huge wedding, or maybe she had a boy friend which he dint knew, or she could be saying the truth, he dint knew, one thing he knew was, his NIGHT WAS RUINED, It was ruined because of 2 things. The 2 of the most hateful things ever.

One. He had hated arrange marriages, and this incident proved he was right, and he was not proud nor happy about that fact.

Two. Oh the number 2 point… it had history all right, a not so colorful history, a history no one was proud of, except his college friends of course.

10 years back, while he was in college, there was a rage in everyone, a rage of testosterone, and understandably arpit’s hormones too were out of order, always on a rise.

Due to this rage, all his friends were doing it, they were living it, they were having fun with it, but he dint do it. And when his friends had pestered him, about why din’t he do it?, he had said an answer he would never forget……… NEVER.

“I am saving myself for my wife” he had said shyly with a faint smile, and his friends had burst out laughing, they had laughed so much, that one of them had had cramps in his stomach, chest and abdomen, and in his own words “Dude… I think I peed in my pants” another 2 had fainted laughing…. Literally. And after that he had been named, his name was pronounced with the most honor among his friends. The name was simple, but deadly as hell, the name was old but would even be used for the future generations belonging to his class, and the name was VIRGIN ARPIT.

Coming back to this night he thought, oh why did I wait?,

Because you were destined to experience this night my boy, that’s why… his mind replied and amused itself.

He snatched a blanket and a pillow and threw it on the floor, mehek had protested, but he dint wanna hear her voice, it was not that he hated her, he was hating the 2 things which he had hated the most, Those 2 things.

This had continued to where they were today, he eating those allu parota’s, he was a software engineer and for this month his shift began at 7 in the morning, he hated eating those parota’s in the morning, but as he never left to office without breakfast, he ate it without complaining, these 2 weeks after his marriage were bad, really bad. She had tried talking to him, but because of his impression of ‘Arrange-marriages-are-bad’ he never gave her a chance, he tried to stay away and came home late, and never got to know her, what’s the use he had thought, finishing the last crumbs of his breakfast, he stormed outside.

to be continued...........................


ANWESA said...

Oye!!ye kya kar daala !! Itna unromantic start :|

Next part jaldi post kar...yeh story torture hey..

Thousif Raza said...

Twist toh dena hi padta hai na... :P... 3 days wait i will be back again :)

Arpit Rastogi said...


Kitni marega bey???

i was thinkin ki real life me to kuch kiya nahi.. teri story me hi kuch kar lunga..
but you are an asshole!!!

Waiting for more.. :X

Thousif Raza said...

wait kar beta wait kar... har kutte ke acche din aate hain :P.....

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