Thursday, April 15, 2010

The NEVER ending story part 4

Part 4

Zweeshh……Zweeshh…..Zweeshh………Zweeshh(Mind going back into the 3 month old memory block)

(Creepy music plays……)3 months ago…….

It was 6 in the evening, arpit was on his way back to home from a long and tiring day at the office, when on the way he met ‘the complaint box’ a.k.a the bank manager, he invited arpit for a drink, arpit never refused a free beer, so while sipping his chilled companion, arpit listened to the rant of the bank manager, who was saying how banks were being robbed in broad daylight, and how even though the police came quick, it was never quick enough, and most of the money would be gone from the bank till the angels in uniform arrived, and just like that arpit(Read: His brilliant mind) had suggested a idea, he had said

“Why don’t you use chloroform as a safety precaution with you alarm, so that if the alarm goes off, the chloroform leaks out, that way when the thieves hit your bank, will fall back flat and faint, and even if the police come late, they can catch them easily” they both had laughed at the joke, but the manager had taken it seriously.

Oh how stupid can a man be? Arpit asked himself,

“Not stupid enough, he dint take your idea of girls dancing on a pole, by which you could distract the thieves” said his mind with a giggle

Arpit let out a grunt and said to aneesha, “I think I know what the problem is”

He questioned the other woman “Shwetha, were there any masked men lying on the floor, when you came here?”

“No I don’t think so, do you want me to go check?” asked shwetha innocently

“Yes, please go and check” arpit replied calmly

There was a sound of random movement of steps outside, followed by complete silence, then followed by rapid movement of steps again.

“Anee, Anee, Anee…….” Came the scaprappy voice again (you know, the combo of scared, surprised and happy)

“Take a guess what that secretary of the bank manger, who is now lying on the floor, is wearing?” asked Shwetha excitedly.

“Puhleeze don’t tell me, I just hope it’s not D&G, I hate that bitch” replied aneesha angrily

“Oh, it’s not D&G, its Versace” replied Shwetha even more excitedly.

“That bitch, doing a secretary’s job, how the hell can she afford Versace? I think…., no I know she bought a fake from city center, uh she is so cheap” said aneesha in a disgusted tone.

“Oh, leave her, she was always cheap, but you know, I saw that cute cashier whom you like, I heard he was flirting with that secretary, anyways, here is the thing, he was looking so sweet lying on the floor, I just had to give him a googly woogly whoosh” cooed Shwetha.

“No, you dint…. I am gonna kill you when I get out of here, he is mine, not yours, not anybody else’s, he is mine, you hear that…” replied aneesha in a threatening tone

“Yeah you can kill me when you get out, but I think I am gonna go give him another googly woogly….” She said and ran towards the hall.

Arpit couldn’t believe his ears, these women leaving the casualty at hand, were gossiping. Gossiping. He was slowly becoming angry, slowly but steadily, and that was not a good sign.

“Dude, don’t get angry, girls and gossip are inseparable, it’s like oxygen to them, they cannot live without it, just like guys can’t stop ogling at girls, even though they are engaged” replied his mind.

“I hate gossip more than anything” said arpit in a louder tone than he had intended to…

“Did you say something?” asked aneesha

“No nothing, see aneesha, lets concentrate on ourselves for a minute here ok, I wanna get out of this hell hole, I hope you would want the same too, so just tell your friend to concentrate at the problem at hand, and stop coochy cooing cute guys lying on the floor” he replied a little angrily

“You don’t have to be all grouchy about it” spat aneesha.

2 whole minutes later, shwetha came back..

“Anee ,Anee ,Anee……………” came the scaprappy voice again (you know, the scared, surprised and all that)

“You will not believe what that secretary is wearing on her feet… you really wouldn’t believe me…” said Shwetha

“What?? Tell me, Tell me at once” asked aneesha getting all excited.

“Louis vuitton, and I checked they are Original” screamed Shwetha

“No,No No… How can it be?” screamed aneesha angrily.

“Ahhhhhhh” screamed arpit from the other side “What are you women?, I just thought till this very day, that you guys just act dumb, but now I really know, you really are dumb. A donkey might be more smarter than you, gossiping in a situation like this!!, thank god my wife is not like you… she never gossips and always takes care of me” the words flowed out of arpit’s mouth in a hurried manner.

And just as he said those words he thought, yeah his wife was better than these women, she was intelligent too, he remembered that one time, when she had found a problem in his program while he was creating a new software. She had seen him throw his hands up in frustration, coming over to him she saw the problem and just like that, she had solved it within 2 minutes, he dint even ask her how did she do it, about how did she know about computers so much, his ego had come between. And not just that, she did everything he asked her too, and because of that he had treated her like a maid, he felt ashamed for not appreciating her, he was feeling sorry. For himself.

“Hey don’t call me dumb, all right” came the answer from both the women bringing arpit back to reality

“No you are not dumb, I am dumb, because I started talking with you, argh, shwetha, if you have some brains then prove it, just get the manager or anybody here, so that I can get out” replied arpit agitatedly.

“No, I won’t” replied shwetha

“Ok, then it’s proved, you have no brains” he replied faking a laugh.

“Oh no, you won’t, I’ll go and get the manager and I will prove it to you, that I have brains all right” spat shwetha

“Bingo” said his mind

There were rapid movement of steps, and then there was some screaming, there was faint sound of someone slapping someone, and then there was the sound of the police siren.

“The police are coming NOW, no wonder he took your advice” said his mind

Arpit smiled, suddenly there were sounds of people approaching towards the bathroom door, arpit stood up, and just as the manager opened the door, arpit gave him a tight slap.

“That should remind you, not to take random advice again” replied arpit

Arpit got to know that the bank was doing a test phase for checking of the chloroform attachment to the alarm, when the gas had leaked. And as the bathroom was towards the opposite side, arpit and aneesha hadn’t fainted.

“But how could you do it, with all those people in the bank?” questioned arpit

“We wanted to see if it will work or not” replied the manager smiling sheepishly

“Good, god” arpit said holding his head “But now….. Get ready for the real action, because most of them will sue you now, including me” barked arpit

The manager listening to it felt a faint feeling of dizziness and began to fall when some other employees caught him, arpit then turned and looked towards aneesha, who was out of the bathroom now, and just as he saw her face he felt a huge shock.

“My god, It’s her...........” said his mind.

to be continued.......................

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