Thursday, April 15, 2010

The NEVER ending story part 5

Part 5

The sunlight was coming down from the ventilator directly on her face. In that soft sunlight, her eyes glowed to reveal a bright golden color, her face looked like a ripe peach and her lips, they were rose like, with long hair to go by. She looked perfect.
The girl from your dreams said his mind

Arpit was awestruck and forgot all about their earlier conversation, and then slowly started walking towards her, it would be 6 steps till he reached her. He took the first step and felt nothing, in the second, the face of his wife came in front of him, those blue eyes, along with her dimpled cheeks, with the third, mehek’s smile flashed in front of his eyes, her smile is so beautiful his mind said, with the fourth, an image of mehek waving him a bye came in front of his eyes, she always said him a bye, and he never waved back he remembered… with the fifth step, his mind asked a question.

“When you can give so much time to a stranger, so that you can know about her, in the end just to realize that you hate her. And then change your entire decision with just one look at her face.” He stopped and pressed on Then why haven’t you given your wife a chance….., she might be more than what you imagine of her, you know…She even might be your real dream girl, san the yellow eyes….” said his mind.
Yes, she might be, arpit thought, he had to give her a chance, and before all that he had to apologize, for being such a jerk to her, he had never listened to her because of the things which he had hated. Those two things. Reaching his final step he said to Aneesha “Bye, Dummy…” and started running, he ran through the door, through the bank, and ran all the way back to his home.

It was not a good idea, his home was 5 kilometers away, people were looking at him weirdly and thinking ‘Why is this guy running in a suit?’, but at last he reached home panting for breath. He sat down and took his share of air, his wife was surprised to see him in this manner “What happened?” asked Mehek

He waved her a signal which said give me a minute, and she sat on the opposite sofa looking at him.

Again it was the same, it was 5.30 pm, and the evening sunlight fell on her eyes, making them shine some more, bringing out a rich color in them, her blue eyes looked like a peaceful lake, so beautiful and clear, a light wind was blowing through the window making her loose hair fly, and the heat from the sun was making her cheeks red, she was wearing a pink dress, and it seemed like she had just stepped out of a fairy tale, she was resting her face in her hands, and looked so beautiful that he wanted to kiss her.
“Do it na then…” replied his mind
Arpit slowly got up and then walked towards his wife and sat beside her, and looking into her eyes said gingerly “I will kiss you now….”
She was a little confused, but then she smiled, arpit smiled too, and they shared a kiss. It was absolutely Perfect…….

Oh, come on who are we kidding, it was not perfect, far from it, with no experience whatsoever, they were clumsy, falling down from the sofa, they dint knew which way to tilt their face, banging their heads against each other, they were sitting in a awkward position, so they broke up…

“I am sorry” blurted out arpit
“Oh, why for the kiss….” she asked playfully, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone” she joked.
“No, not for that, I am sorry for not giving you the time, for not knowing you, for being a jerk” he said.
She came towards him and hugged him, and whispered, “I am sorry too, I shouldn’t have frightened you like that, I really ruined our first night dint I?”
He released her and said “It doesn’t matter, I wanna correct my mistakes now and I wanna know all about you, everything”.

And then they talked, they talked for a long time, and while he did, he got to know, that she too loved celine dion songs, it’s just that she had a headache that day, and only because of that she had said to turn the volume down, and she too loved Maggie, its only because she had ate Maggie for 2 days straight when he had asked the question, that she had given the ‘belch’ reply.

Arpit found her fascinating and laughed many times, as she described about her childhood memories, where she once fell from a tree while playing hide and seek, falling directly on her dad’s shoulder, giving him a fracture, he was really enjoying the conversation. He then thought having a preconceived notion about something can be disastrous, and because of one silly thing, he would have made his whole life a walk through hell, but looking at her speak, he knew he was in the right place, his heaven. He couldn’t help but smile looking back at today, just one day had changed his whole life forever, “Life can be pretty funny sometimes na?” said his mind, arpit smiled, they continued talking till the break of dawn and then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Getting up in the morning, Mehek made him his favorite breakfast. Maggie, and arpit reaching his office applied for a leave to be taken 2 weeks later, when the ‘nausea’ would be over with Mehek.
Time flew by and now he was sitting beside her in the airplane on its way to Switzerland, looking towards the clouds gliding beside him he said “Thank you mom, Thank you so very much”
“What are you thanking your mom for?” asked Mehek
He looked into her eyes and said “For you, for our future together” he said, and kissed her, and this time it was perfect.

Thank you all for reading and commenting.... i hope you liked it, if not loved it....;)(searches helmet) bouquets and brickbats are not welcome :)


ANWESA said...

k...i dunno y my comment on part 4 disappeared. I hope this 1 does not. I liked the last 2 parts better than the rest.

The paragraph in bold seemed ethereal to me. Its a good thought.

Arpit Rastogi said...

to conclude it all.. I would like to add up a line on my behalf..

"And they lived happily ever after"

You saved my married life bro.. Thanks.. :))

See i told you that i love my wife more than anything.. :P

Love you bro!!!
Come home sometime.. Mehek will make you some maggie.. She would like to thank you for opening my eyes..

Thanks & Regards
Mr. n Mrs. RASTOGI

Thousif Raza said...

@ anwesa: guess harry potter must have passed by my blog :P, thank god you like it... and i am glad you liked it... thx for the support and appreciation :)

@ arpit: i will never forget that comment... thank you so very much for the support and appreciation man :).... take care :)

penelope said...

i read ur last few posts and they are fabulous ... i loved your work....and u have earned your blog a new folloewr ,, ! :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ penelope: thank you, thank you so very much, but i just post stories in this blog... my regular updates come on the other named soul space :), hope to c u there soon :),tc

cherryontop68 said...

Aw you're an amazing writer! I've just started blogging and I think your blog is fabulous!
Take out some time and check out my blog too :)

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