Sunday, April 11, 2010

The NEVER ending story part 3

Part 3

Reaching his office, he started to work, time flew by and it was 1 in the afternoon, time for lunch, he looked into his pocket and saw he just had 10 bucks, so he thought of hitting the nearby bank, as the bank was nearer than his ATM.

He went into the bank and waved a hi to the manger passing by, he filled in the receipt, and gave it to the teller, she gave him a token and told him to sit back till the token number was announced, seeing a long line at the counter, he thought of hitting the bathroom for a quick leak out. He went into the bathroom, finished his job, and while washing his hands, he heard a sound just beside the door, it sounded like a woman running to the ladies bathroom, which was just adjacent to the men’s room. Ah Women his mind said always in a hurry.

He suddenly heard a loud sound from the other side, THE LADIES BATHROOM, There was no doubt. It was. A FART.

What the *beep* his mind said(It had a self censoring mechanism), arpit holding his fingers to his nose turned towards the wall, the only thing which separated the men’s room from the women’s, and then darted towards the door, just then he heard another loud sound. It sounded like a bell.

Are farts now coming in different ringtones too? asked his mind.

“No stupid, it’s an alarm” replied arpit, the sound of the alarm was now piercing through his ears, “Ahhhhhh” he screamed aloud, only to be joined by the scream of the woman from the other side.

It continued for another five minutes till it finally stopped. He had slumped to the ground to cover his ears from the noise; releasing his hands and slowly getting up he tried the door, it was locked.

What the *beep*, what the *beep* what the *beeeeeep* his mind screamed

“Shut up dude, I don’t have any idea about this more than you have, so just chill all right, I will buy you a beer some time later” he said

“You know I can’t drink a beer”

“I know….But I can” arpit giggled “But … ok I will let you fantasize about your dream car Shelby’s ultimate aero, the fastest production car in the world OK. Happy now??”

Yeah.. whatever…But how are we going to get out?”

“Lemme think…” replied arpit

Yeah.. Right” his mind laughed “Do you remember the time when you ate your book, page by page, when you had an exam on the same subject the next day!!!!”

“Yeah… I thought I needn’t prepare for the exam then” replied arpit

“Point Proved. So don’t think much, just leave it to the professional, THE BRAINhis mind said

Arpit sat down, and thought what could be the reason for the lockout, or rather the brain thought, maybe there were bank robbers outside, he thought, and just then there was voice from the other side of the wall.

“Hello… is anybody there?”

That woman, It’s the farting woman.. Don’t answer her” his mind said

He remained silent, a minute later her voice came again “I know you are there all right, I heard your voice, why aren’t you answering me?”

Damn that woman, and damn my mind thought arpit

“What, what did I do?” his mind cried out

“It’s because of you that I talked, and now I have to talk to that woman, urrrghhh” he grunted.

“Yeah sorry I dint hear you, I was taking a leak” he lied to the woman,

“So long?” she asked innocently with a hint of laughter.

“Yeah” he defended himself, “So why did you call me?” he asked

“Do you know what’s going on? Why are the doors closed?, why did the alarm go off? And why is there no toilet paper here?” she screamed

“Women ask a lot of questions, even while talking with someone for the first time”, his mind said

“Well….” He replied to the woman, “I have as much answers as you have, I have no clue, unless for that last question, I think the toilet paper was all used by the needy” he tried his hand at humor

“Very funny” she said sarcastically “What are we gonna do now?”

“Shut your mouth first” his mind said

He shushed his mind and said “Well I don’t know, we just have to wait, I guess” he said, and they waited, waited for a long time, till suddenly, a thought came to his mind

“Hey why don’t you try your cell phone?”

He hit his head, and said “Now you are saying this”

“Aw…” his mind cried “A thank you would have been nicer.Mr Virgin”

Ignoring the comment, he tried the phone but there was no signal, and then he remembered, there were mobile jammers installed in the bank, he cried out to the woman, and said her about the phone, she too had the same answer,

“I think we are stuck, let’s kill some time you wanna talk?” the woman asked from the other side

Talk and talk, talk and talk…….,” his mind hummed the words in the idea mobile jingle tune and said again “That’s what woman do, they don’t even walk, but they talk a hell lot more all right

“Yeah all right, let’s talk” replied arpit to the woman

What noo….” His mind said, arpit was getting annoyed now, and then he said, “The only way to get you off is by thinking about that Shelby, so here you go”, he said and started thinking about the Shelby.

“What’s your name?” she asked

“Roshan” he replied, he always had liked that name, much rather than his, it was what his friends called him, he hadn’t even intended to do it, it just slipped out of his mouth, and now he couldn’t go back, crap, he thought, “What’s yours?” he questioned

“Aneesha” she replied

And that was it, and they talked, about their favorite food, the places they wanted to visit, the things they both liked, and those they hated, and almost on every aspect they had connected, including his favorite music artist, Celine Dion, she too had voiced her opinion saying “I love her music more than anything”, not like her wife, where once when he had played Celine’s song I’m alive, she had said, “Not on so much volume, my head hurts” or the other time when he had said while eating “I just love Maggi” his wife had said “Ugh, Maggi, belch.”

But this girl, she was completely different, when he had mentioned Maggie, she had said “I have so many memories with Maggie, when I was in college, we ate it all the time, I remember once, for my birthday, my friends had made this huge cake just from Maggie, and we had devoured it, I will never forget that day”

He knew she was something special, and she distantly reminded him of the girl who was giving her the look on his wedding, was she the same girl? He asked himself, but it was just a thought, then they talked about films, titanic being the favorite of them both. Then Clothes where both of them cooed on the same note “Dolce & Gabbana”. It was fun, and for once even his jokes were funny, they laughed and he even shared with her the virgin arpit story, he had never shared it with anyone else, she had laughed so much listening to it, and then he got to know about her, about how she always fascinated about love, and said how she just had only one boy friend and that too only in school, after that she just indulged herself in studies day and night, forgetting about the outside world, she liked to write, she even recited him one of her poems

There is no day, there are no nights

As I lay awake in your arms

Only the gentle breeze, Along with your warm memories

I will live my whole life

Just your love and trust

And in your arms I will live

I will need no food, nor any jewels

For only you are my energy. My life

She was all that he had imagined, sensitive, understanding, and listening, and the last one was her best quality, why should only guys be good listeners, girls should be too u know, was his thought and she proved true to it, and just when he had thought it was all perfect, just like his dream with the yellow eyed girl, it came along, the thing that he had hated the most, the thing which smashes all those beautiful illusions that you love to build, the thing which destroys ‘that incredible feeling’ you love to feel, knowing all too well that this very thing will come roaring down to tear it apart, The thing called THE TRUTH.

“Anee, Anee, Anee………….” Came the scaprappy voice (The combo of scared, surprised and happy) from the other side of the bathroom door

“Shwetha?” cried aneesha in a surprised tone and walked towards the door, Arpit not knowing what the hell was going on, walked to his door, and put his ear to the key hole to hear what was happening.

“Are you stuck there?” asked shwetha

“How does it look like dumbo?” spat aneesha

“I think you…. are….. stuck” replied shwetha firmly

“Great conclusion genius” said aneesha clapping her hands and asked her again “So how come you found me?”

“Well I asked your assistant at the boutique, and she said you had come down to the bank to deposit some money, and I know how your bladder is, so you know, I made a conclusion, that you would be here, and I was right, hurray. But why are all those people in the bank asleep?” asked shwetha in a puzzled tone

“What??” replied an astonished aneesha.

“Yeah, everyone has fallen asleep, or…. Or … I think they have fainted, yeah I think they have fainted” said shwetha in a confirmed voice

“Do you know anything about this Roshan?” asked aneesha over the wall

and just as he heard that question arpit thought, oh god all this has happened because of that stupid Idea that I had given to the bank manager 3 months ago.....

to be continued....................


Remya said...

Oh beep .I can't wait for the next part...Make it quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arpit Rastogi said...

to be continued.. WT*beep*?

next part jaldi update maar.. nahi to me tujhe maar dunga.. :P

Thousif Raza said...

@ remya:thank you so much... evil m smiles a winky smile towards you... keep waiting the next part will be up soon.....:)

@ arpit: he he... tu enjoy kar beta. enjoy kar :)

ANWESA said...

I think the story is going a bit awry now. I don't know if it is a new genre (like a hilarious comedy) but then I din't quite enjoy the series till date. That's a frank opinion. Or maybe I expected something else. The talking across the loo seemed too impractical to me. Anyways,I'm waiting for subsequent parts.

P.S. : I miss the way you wrote your previos 5 part story. I had liked it.

Thousif Raza said...

hmm... so mehek is not impressed... well in intended it to be a comedy in the first place... with a love story to go by....... lesse what you gotta say abt the new part :), hope you like this one.....

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